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Multi Function10 StageTap Shower Water Purifier Filter
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    Multi Function10 StageTap Shower Water Purifier Filter

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    Product Function

    • De-chlorination & Decontamination - Prevent Skin from Aging and Eliminate Secondary Pollution from Tap Water
    • Chlorine is a strong oxidant which may easily oxidize the skin keratoderma protein, causing itching and various skin eliments. Active carbon & KDF-55 have extraordinary de-chlorination functions and thus can keep our skin free from chlorination

    Working Condition

    1. Please check to make sure the device is properly installed and not leaking
    2. Apply to normal water pressure ( or lower pressure)
    3. Apply to standard tap water resources
    4. Maximum temperature should not be over 80 degree celcius 
    5. Minimum temperature should not be below 4 degree celcius
    6. Before using the product,please remember to allow water to flow for about 10 seconds before getting under the water,this is to initially flush the shower filter and ensure clean fresh water every time
    7. If stop using for long time (one week or so),please put the filter in water to maintain

    Product Installation

    1. Please leave the water flow for ten seconds before use every day
    2. Please do not use the product when filter is unscrewed
    3. The service life of the product may vary according to different water quality,water pressure and quantity (details refer to Filter Replacement)
    4. Please do not use detergent,ethanol or other cleanser when cleaning the product

    Filter Replacement

    1. Please remove the upper cover
    2. Take out filter
    3. Replace filter 

    Product Included :

    Universal Filter x1

    Washer (1/2'') x2

    User manual x1